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How we work

01. Pre-Design

We always start with a friendly discussion to listen, learn, and help explore the “visions” of the project, followed by collecting, analyzing, and researching the information related to the site/existing buildings.

02. Conceptual Designing

Once the requirements are determined, we will shape the project’s vision into conceptual drawings and seek creative solutions through circular approaches. Here, we will produce a conceptual design to be reviewed together.

03. Design Development

After the conceptual design has been approved, we will develop the design into a more detailed planning and transform the idea into a physical form by considering the specific materials, systems, and techniques.

04. Construction Drawings

Continuing the design development, we will  produce technical drawings for the construction’s guide and coordinate with other consultants  (MEP, structure, etc.) to ensure every preparation for the construction are all set.

05. Project Supervision

Throughout the whole construction process, we will supervise the project periodically to make sure it goes as planned by coordinating with the builders and the other stakeholders.

06.“Building Manual”

After the construction has finished, we give a “Building Manual” containing a detailed guide for the building’s user about the building’s systems, products, and components used in the building for future maintenance or renovation -- this way, we can extend the lifespan of the building and be responsible with every material used to limit our impact to the environment.

Image by Charles Deluvio
Image by Gabrielle Henderson
Image by Olena Sergienko
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