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Bale Riung

Bandung West Java
Public, Hospitality 

+ Refurbishment  

+ Recycled Materials  

+ Natural Ventilation

+ Natural Lightings 

+ Water Conservation


Bale Riung,  Hayu urang ngariung di Bale Riung: Ruang Integrasi Urang Nu Guyub!.. 

In Sundanese, Balé means building and Riung means sitting/gathering. Balé Riung describes a gathering space for collaboration, Which is a place to increase productivity and social networking. This vision is also in line with the application of the values ​​of the Urang Sunda philosophy of life. The unique Bale Riung naming concept and catchy slogan can become a replicative program and be integrated into other sub-districts and make it one of the icons of the city of Bandung.

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