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Pre - design form

Hello! Thank you for contacting OSTUDIO!

In order for us to help you design your dream project, 
Please kindly fill the data below!


Your full name

Phone Number


What is your role in this project ?

The name of your project

Project Location (Full Address)

Project Condition

What are the function you wish to have in this project? [example: Private House / Commercial / Event Space / etc]

What is the main value that you want to highlight in this project?

[example: secluded eco-glamping resort, a place for people to get away from hustle and connect more with nature]

What scope of work do you wish us to cover?

Do you have any budget estimation for this project? If yes, kindly write down below, it will help us to design your project following your condition. [example: maximum Rp 900.000.000,-]

Will you assign a Project Manager on this, or you want the architect team to cover it?

Do you have your own civil-worker / contractor / builder team that you will use for this project?

If yes, can you tell me the name of the civil worker team / person in charge?

[if your answer is no, just type "-"]

When do you wish this project's construction process to be started?

When is the ideal time for this project's construction process to be finished & ready to be operated? 

We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss further inquires related to this project.

After that, we will send you the design fee proposal (including an explanation about the project timeline and scope of work) before starting the design process. 


Do you understand?

Please fill in all the required filled

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